Would you like to encourage your students to increase the variety of fruit and veg they bring to school or the amount of water they consume?

Crunch&Sip® poster and stickers

The Crunch&Sip class poster and reward stickers have been specially designed to help teachers achieve these goals.

The A3 size class poster can be used with the 19 mm reward stickers to tally class participation and achievement. Alternatively, you can use the poster with standard dot stickers, star stickers or marker pens.

The reward stickers come in 2 sizes. The 19 mm size fits neatly on the class poster. The 40 mm size is ideal for students to place on their shirt to show their achievement.

Both sets of resources have been provided in two formats: one for in-house printing, on a standard office printer, and one for printing by a commercial printer.

For information on how to use them, including how to print them, please refer the user guide.

A3 class poster

Reward stickers

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